• NameSnowball
  • TypeSmall animal
  • GenderMale
  • Age7 months old (approx)
  • Breedlop
  • ColourWhite
  • Can live with
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

General information

Snowball is a lovely bunny looking for a neutered female bunny to live with. Snowball was brought into the RSPCA as the owner was struggling to care for her children and give Snowball enough attention. Snowball is only 7 months old but hasn't been given the best handling experiences. He is a confident happy chap that enjoys being around people and sticking his nose into everyones business.
Snowball will need a minimum of a 6ft x 2ft hutch with a 6ft x 4ft run attached. Rabbits love to run about as fast as they can so the more room they have, the better. The rabbits will need lots of tunnels, toys and beds within the run.
If you would like to meet Snowball, please pop into Millbrook with photos of the accommodation and some ID

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.

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