“Just remember, you are good boy!”

“Henlo there, fren! Do not be frown!”

Instagram: @salty

“When you sad, just boop nose!”

Instagram: @boopmynose

“Look at meeee! I just wants to see smile!!!”

Instagram: @tollersmile

“Cheer up, hooman! Do you needs the belly rubs?”

Instagram: @thefrenchiefranklin

“You deserve all the pats!”


“I’m showing you my teefers because I love you!”


“I shall sniff your butt with VIGOR!”

Instagram: @janis_chow

“Does someone needs a huggo?”

Instagram: @sanchosvista

“You are STRONG! You lift me and tote bag at same time!”

Instagram: @ice_mochi0827

“Henlo up there! You are great!”

Instagram: @dj_khaledoodle

“I just wants to give you the snugs!”

Instagram: @refinedrandall

“You are kind hooman!”

Instagram: @dashtheheeler

“I sploot for you!”

Instagram: @uncle_kirin

“I am smol, but my love for you is largo!”

Instagram: @kaitoon

“Tomorrow is ‘nother day!”

Instagram: @colliewitchkanines

“I old and wise, and I come to tell you everything will be okay.”

Instagram: @rex_sivarajah

“And just remember, you are good boy!”

Instagram: @samoyeddallas

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