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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Car Boot Sale – Saturday 29th July

Car Boot Sale - Saturday 29th July Our third Car Boot Sale of the year is taking place on Saturday 29th July and will be open from 10am until 1pm. Entrance will be by donation and all proceeds made on the day will go directly to the animal centre to help us care for the animals we take in and re-home. There is no need to book a space for your car or van, just turn up on the day! Set up for sellers will be from 9am - 10am and the costs are £10 for a car, and £15 for a van There will be refreshments available and of course plenty of animals to view all over the centre! (please remember that the actual centre - cattery, kennels and small animals - does not open until 11.30 as normal) This is obviously weather dependent!

NEW!!! RSPCA Pet Food

NEW!!! RSPCA Pet FoodSome of you who have recently adopted a pet from us will have noticed the new pet food we now sell. The RSPCA now has it's own pet food range which we are feeding the animals in the centre. When you adopt from us you can purchase a bag from our shop in reception so that you can keep your new pet on the same diet it is used to. The food has been specially designed as a complete diet - it has everything they need so there is no need to feed them anything else. The cat, kitten, dog and puppy diets are hypoallergenic also, with no dairy, soya, pork or wheat gluten so if you have a cat or dog with a sensitive tummy or who are prone to skin allergies, this diet may well be suitable for them. You can also buy RSPCA food for your rabbits and guinea pigs too, we are using it at Millbrook and it has gone down rather well! You can find out more information about taking care of your pets on the national RSPCA website and remember, with each bag of food you buy, you help a..

A New Look At Chickens

It sounds funny to think that a little Chihuahua would be able to stop a thief. If you think about it, other than yapping...

Birds Gone Wild!

What might the elaborate courtship dance of male birds have in common with our own male dance partners? More than we might realize. Think of...

Why a Greyhound?

Why a Greyhound? In the past we have often found that Greyhounds and the similar Lurchers) can be diffcult to home and spend far too long in their kennels, we believe that this is because people do not know enough about them so......... Greyhounds are very gentle, they love a cuddle but don't make a big fuss over it, alot of dogs (Staffies, Labs, Jack Russells included) will jump up and pester you for more, but not the Greyhound, you might get a gentle nudge or a look and if you're lucky they will lean against you showing absolute trust in you They do not need as much exercise as you may think. Yes, Greyhounds are bred to run and chase fake rabbits around a track, but in reality a pet Greyhound only needs a good run twice a day, twenty minutes each time will probably do. They can go for much more, but as long as they can have a quick blast round a park or a field and a bit of a mooch, they are more than likely to chill out for the rest of the day They are good with children. ..

Finding Dory Poster Released

It sounds funny to think that a little Chihuahua would be able to stop a thief. If you think about it, other than yapping...

Your Dog Is What He Eats

Dog food has come a long, long way. For the most part, gone are the days that we just pick up a bag of...

Fun Dog Show – Sunday 21st May 2017

Fun Dog Show - Sunday 21st May 2017 Sunday 21st May is the date of our Fun Dog Show!!Everyone (and their owners!) are welcome to participate in the many classes during the day Anyone can take part: old, young, pedigree, non-pedigree, beginner or novice, rescue or not! (Please note, times of classes are subject to change and we will update this page if they do) Classes are: Tiptop Teen or Tot trainer (under 16's and dogs 6 months and older) -12pm Senior's moment (8 years and over) - 12.45pm Loveable Lad - 1st class (6 months and over) - 1.30pm Loveable Lad - 2nd class (6 months and over) - 2.00pm Best Rescue Dog (6 months and over) - 2.30pm Super Staffies and Brilliant Bull Breeds (6 months and over) - 3.15pm Perfect Puppy (under 6 months, fully vaccinated) - 12pm Shining Example (7 years and under) - 12.45pm Fabulous Female - 1st class (6 months and over) - 1.30pm Fabulous Female - 2nd class (6 months and over) - 2.00pm Best Millbrook Rescue Dog (6 months and over) - 2.30pm B..

Zulu – dog (3 years old)

NameZulu TypeDog GenderFemale Age3 years old (approx) BreedStaffie ColourBlack Can live withonly pet, Adult home StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationZulu came to Millbrook as she was removed from her previous home because of a welfare concern. She had been bred from and her puppies were very unwell. Sadly, she lost most of her litter except one which came to Millbrook, along with Zulu, and has been rehomed. Zulu is very energetic and quite an anxious girl, we think she has been taught to jump up so we have been doing behaviour work with her and we feel she is now ready for a new home with people who will continue her training. She has been off lead with dogs and can be quite rough, on walks she can be quite vocal towards other dogs, we think because she wants to go over and say hi, but she is unsure around them, so needs ongoing socialisation and will need to be an only dog in the home. She does have her calm moments and enjoys a cuddle or gentle massage. She would enjoy agi..

IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Animal Shelter

Cats at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario used to sleep on the cold, hard floor — that is, until furniture store IKEA stepped in. The company donated 10 doll beds (as well as $300) so the cats have a soft place to rest their heads. "Our floors are easy to clean but not terribly comfortable to lay on. Now cats like Catsby and Frankie have beds of their own to curl up in," the shelter’s Facebook post read. — Read it at Huffington Post Canada

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