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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Woodrow, Conkers, Aluma and Sparrow @MillbrookCats – cat (5 months old)

NameWoodrow, Conkers, Aluma and Sparrow @MillbrookCats TypeCat GenderMale/Female Age5 months old (approx) BreedDomestic Short Hair ColourBlack & White, Black, Tortie, Tabby/Tortie Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationThese four kittens are looking for homes in pairs - we are happy for their new family to decide which two kittens they would like, but we are not looking to rehome them as singles. Woodrow, Conkers, Aluma and Sparrow came into our care as part of a large group of cats - their owner had far too many cats to cope with, who were all unneutered, and living in poor conditions. They are sweet kittens, always playing, purring and wanting cuddles! They must be rehomed in pairs and can live with dogs and children of primary school age but not with other cats as they have been exposed to cat flu. They must live on a quiet residential road, without much traffic and away from busy main roads and railway lines. They will need someone based at home for part of th..

Kato – dog (9 months old)

NameKato TypeDog GenderMale Age9 months old (approx) BreedHusky x Collie ColourMerle Can live withJunior age children, no cats, poss live with female dog StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationKato came to Millbrook as his previous owner could not cope with him due to their health issues. He is a lovely boy full of energy, he is very interested in everything around him and loves playing off lead and chasing toys. He does need work on his recall. Kato is good with female dogs but needs continued socialisation with male dogs, he can be very vocal on lead towards them. He will need an active home and no first time dog owners. He can live with children of a junior school age, will need housetraining and may need to be built up to being left. Kato does have limited sight. He can see movement but has restricted reflexes and vision. He still loves life and toys but owners need to be aware of this condition. It may cause him to be startled at times or unsure but in general Kato seems t..

Maryssa @MillbrookCats – cat (9 years old)

NameMaryssa @MillbrookCats TypeCat GenderFemale Age9 years old (approx) BreedDomestic Short Hair ColourGrey Tabby Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationMaryssa came into our care after she was found as a stray with a nasty injury to her tail. After some treatment, this is all better but, as nobody came forward to claim her, she needs to find a new home. Maryssa is a lovely cat - when you go into her pen she comes running over for a fuss and jumps straight onto your lap, if you are standing up, she will climb up your trouser leg to be picked up! She loves being centre of attention and having a fuss made of her. However, she doesn't like to be over handled and picked up if she's not in the mood for it - everything is on her terms! She has been known to give the odd swipe when she's had enough. Maryssa can live with children of teenage years and would be best suited to being the only pet in her new home. If you could offer this animal a suitable home,..

Murphy – dog (9 years old)

NameMurphy TypeDog GenderMale Age9 years old (approx) BreedCollie cross ColourTri Can live withJunior school age children, must be only dog in home. StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationMurphy was removed from his previous owners by RSPCA Inspectors after he was found underweight and suffering with a flea allergy. During his time at Millbrook he has gained weight and his fur is growing back. Murphy is a lovely boy with a gentle nature. He walks well on the lead and has good basic training. Off lead Murphy loves to play and he loves tennis balls, his recall is reasonable. Murphy can be grumpy with other dogs and does like his own space so he does need to be the only dog in his new home. Murphy can also live with children of junior school age as long as they understand he is an older chap who will also need his quiet time. Murphy can be left for short periods in his new home, built up slowly over time as he settles. He may need refresher house training and possibly car travel t..

Julian + Jessica – small animal (1 year old)

NameJulian + Jessica TypeSmall animal GenderMale/Female Age1 year old (approx) BreedCockeral + Chicken ColourBlack + Brown Can live withOther hens StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationJulian + jessica came into the RSPCA care as they were removed by one of out inspectors due to bad living conditions. Julian + Jessica are looking for a home together where they are able to roam around together and other hens. They are looking for a large enclosued area where they can have access too throughout the day and then be shut in at night away from any preditors. When you come and visit Julian + Jessica please bring a photo of your accomodation with you. If you feel like you can offer Julian + Jessica their new home, please feel free to come and meet them at the centre. When you do visit the centre please a form of ID with you. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more. More small animals »

Aria and Dustin @MillbrookCats – cat (2 years old)

NameAria and Dustin @MillbrookCats TypeCat GenderMale/Female Age2 years old (approx) BreedDomestic Short Hair Colourblack, and black and white Can live withadult home only StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationAria and Dustin are currently in a foster home, just a short drive from Millbrook. Please be prepared to travel to meet them if you are interested in adopting them. Please come into reception to register for them as usual and we can arrange a meeting with their fosterer or email claire.jones@rspca.org.uk if you have any questions. Aria and Dustin are looking for a very special home - could that home be with you? They are our longest staying cats by several months, having arrived with us back in April! Aria arrived way back in April along with her 4 kittens, she was found trapped between two fence posts having just given birth, and was ever so scared of everything. Her kittens have all been in their new homes for some time now and poor Aria is still waiting for hers. Aria..

Zulu – dog (3 years old)

NameZulu TypeDog GenderFemale Age3 years old (approx) BreedStaffie ColourBlack Can live withonly pet, Adult home StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationZulu came to Millbrook as she was removed from her previous home because of a welfare concern. She had been bred from and her puppies were very unwell. Sadly, she lost most of her litter except one which came to Millbrook, along with Zulu, and has been rehomed. Zulu is very energetic and quite an anxious girl, we think she has been taught to jump up so we have been doing behaviour work with her and we feel she is now ready for a new home with people who will continue her training. She has been off lead with dogs and can be quite rough, on walks she can be quite vocal towards other dogs, we think because she wants to go over and say hi, but she is unsure around them, so needs ongoing socialisation and will need to be an only dog in the home. She does have her calm moments and enjoys a cuddle or gentle massage. She would enjoy agi..

Rocky – dog (3 years old)

NameRocky TypeDog GenderMale Age3 years old (approx) BreedRottweiler x Husky ColourBlack tan Can live withOlder secondary school age children, only dog StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationRocky came to us because he was abandoned. Rocky is a sweet boy but he is quite shy and doesn’t like to feel like he is being backed in to a corner or have affection forced on him. Rocky is a very energetic boy, he is looking for a young active family with older secondary school age children. Off lead he loves playing with footballs and loves a good run around and loves exploring. Rocky does like most dogs, but does need to be an only dog. He will need continued sensible socialisation with other dogs out on walks. Rocky may need a refresher for housetraining and will need someone based at home to teach him to be left. Rocky is looking for an experienced dog owner that will take him to training classes. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out m..

George – dog (5 months old)

NameGeorge TypeDog GenderMale Age5 months old (approx) BreedChihuahua ColourTan Can live withSecondary school age children, only dog in house, no cats StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationGeorge came from a multi-household and came in with 7 other Chihuahuas. Sadly he has been returned as his owner has ill health. George is a sweet, but he is still very nervous, especially of new people, it takes him a while to get to know you. He is looking for a very patient home that will let him come round in his own time. George is not use to the outside world so will need work on walking outside. As George is nervous he can live with children of secondary school age. George is housetrained and needs someone based at home to begin with. He can be left for 1-2 hours eventually as his previous owners said he can become destructive. George needs to be the only dog in the home. He does like running around and playing off lead, but only when he feels confident to do so. George just needs a fa..

Spike @MillbrookCats – cat (5 years old)

NameSpike @MillbrookCats TypeCat GenderMale Age5 years old (approx) BreedDomestic Short Hair Colourginger and white Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationSpike came into our care because his owner went to prison and there was nobody left to care for him. Spike can be super sweet and cuddly but he doesn't like to be over handled and you'll know when he's had enough fuss - he's the sort of cat that likes to choose when to you to come for attention and is best to let wander off when he's had enough. Sometimes he can be very confident and loves to say hello to visitors to the cattery but he does have a nervous side too and can be quite jumpy of loud noises and lots of people. He will need to be the only pet in the home and is best suited to a quiet, adult only home - somewhere where there won't be frequently visiting children as his previous owner said he did not like the children in his previous home and we have found him to be quite wa..

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