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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tiger – dog (10 months old)

NameTiger TypeDog GenderMale Age10 months old (approx) BreedBulldog x ColourBrindle Can live withAdult home. No cats. Must be only dog in home. StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationTiger is a lively young chap. Due to him being a stray we unfortunately have no history on his previous home. He ideally needs an experienced home as he needs someone able to work on his basic training and work on his re call. He would benefit from training classes. Tiger is best in an adult only home due to his boisterous nature. His new family will need to give him both the mental and physical stimulation that he needs. He is good with dogs when he’s out walking but will need to be the only dog in the home as he likes his toys a lot and doesn’t want to share them. Tiger will need someone at home most of the day, slowly increasing the time he is left as he settles. He may also need a refresher in housetraining and car travel training. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please vis..

Costa + Cooper – small animal (2 years old)

NameCosta + Cooper TypeSmall animal GenderMale Age2 years old (approx) BreedDegu ColourBrown Can live withPair StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationCosta came into the RSPCA care with what we believe to be his brother Cooper. They came into Millbrook as they were not living in the best of conditions so were removed from their previous home by one of our inspectors. Costa and Cooper are a lovely pair of degus who like all degus can be quite timid so are looking for a home where they will get daily interaction and handling to allow them to be the confident pair they want to be. They are looking for a home together so will require a large cage (5ft x 3ft x 3ft min). Within their cage they will require a large variety of toys, tubes and areas in which they can rest in without being distrubed. When you visit Costa and Cooper please bring a photo of your accommodation with you, with a family member standing next to it. If you feel like you can offer Costa and cooper their new home,..

Raffa @MillbrookCats – cat (8 years old)

NameRaffa @MillbrookCats TypeCat GenderMale Age8 years old (approx) BreedDomestic Short Hair Colourblack and white Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationRaffa came into our care when his owner had to move into sheltered housing and he could not go too. Raffa was in quite a sorry state when he arrived in our care and he has been in a foster home for the past couple of months and is now well enough to be rehomed. Sometimes Raffa gets weepy eyes and there is no treatment for this but sometimes he just needs his face washed! He can be quite fussy too but we have found some particular biscuits he likes which we can recommend. Raffa tends to hide away in the cattery and you will need to patient and go slowly with him but he loves to have cuddles and has such a sweet, gentle nature. He loves to play with toys too. He will make a lovely little lap cat for somebody. Raffa is best suited to a quiet, adult only home. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then plea..

Gooseberry – small animal (1 year old)

NameGooseberry TypeSmall animal GenderFemale Age1 year old (approx) BreedRingneck Parakeet ColourLutino Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationGooseberry was found as a stray and sadly has not been claimed. She is now looking for a new home in an avairy with other birds to keep her company. We belive Gooseberry to be a female but she could also be a juvenile male. She is very chatty and sings along with her friend her at Millbrook. Gooseberry will need a large avairy to fly in with a heated area and lots of toys and enrichment to keep her entertained. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more. More small animals »

Billy Ocean + Carribean Queen – small animal (4 years old)

NameBilly Ocean + Carribean Queen TypeSmall animal GenderMale/Female Age4 years old (approx) BreedLop + Domestic Colourpeach + Black Can live withPair StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationBilly Ocean came into the RPSCA with his friend Carribean Queen. They were brought into us as their previous owner was unable to keep them. The pair are both lovely rabbits which are completely devoted to each other so are looking for a home together. They can both be timid at times due to a lack of human socialisation, but they will make lovely pets once they settle in their new home. They will require a large hutch (6ft x 2ft x 2ft min) and a run (6ft x 4ft min). The run and hutch must be safely connected allowing them access too and from either or 24/7. As they are still a very active pair they will need a large variety of toys, tubes and areas in which they can rest in without being disturbed. When you visit Billy Ocean and Carribean Queen please bring a photo of your accommodation with ..

Squeak – horse (2 years old)

NameSqueak TypeHorse GenderFemale Age2 years old (approx) Breedcob Colourgrey Can live with StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationSqueak was part of a large case of ponies that were all suffering from internal and external parasites. Squeak was found with her friend Bubble in a lorry container with no ventilation, food or water. Both ponies were found emaciated, collapsed and fighting for their lives. The first few months were touch and go but they are now both happy, healthy ponies. Squeak is approx 12hh and should make 13hh when fully grown, she is 2 years old and has been vaccinated against tetanus, micro-chipped and has a passport. Squeak will need an experienced home to carry on her education and it has been advised by the vet that she only be homed as a companion. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more. More horses »

Tilly – dog (3 years old)

NameTilly TypeDog GenderFemale Age3 years old (approx) BreedStaffie x Mastiff ColourBrindle Can live withAdult home, only dog, no cats StatusAvailable for adoptionGeneral informationTilly came to us because her owners were unable to keep her. Tilly is a lovely girl with a lot of love and fun to give to her new owners. Tilly will need an all ADULT home with everyone in the household being equally involved with Tilly. Ideally this would be 1 or 2 adults in the household. Tilly does need to be the only pet in the house but will need sensible socialisation with dogs. Tilly’s previous home said she was housetrained and can be left for 4hrs with a build up and may just need refresher housetraining. Tilly loves being off the lead and likes playing with toys. If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more. More dogs »

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